SEO was invented to kick websites to a highest possible positions in search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo. BTW, the SEO was invented even before Google was existed. The "Kick-Ass SEO" (not the ordenary one) is always focused on keywords or phrases that have a real commercial meaning for the website owner ($$$). SEO is one of the best B2B marketing channels on the planet!

I help B2B companies to get their asses rank their websites in Google's search results, get targeted traffic, leads, conversions and positive ROI.

Just imagine: your website is getting leads and sales from business prospects all the time... here is how I deliver it:

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Optimization
  3. The main goal of SEO is to create the most relevant website for the chosen keywords or phrase. This is how I do it:

  4. The Results ↓

How much for the kick?

SEO price is starting from $700 per month in Israel. Contact now to get the best quote for your needs:

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